The Bunkies - - Backpacker style accommodation in the Rocky Mountains.  We would call this "Glamping" ('glamorous camping') - ie camping without a tent but rather you have a roof over your head. 


The bunkies are very rustic little cabins with 1 set of bunk beds.  They are 8 feet x 12 feet (2.4m x 3.7m).  They have a solar light and a candle lantern but no electricity.  They have a 7 gallon water tank and wash basin but no running water.  There is an outhouse located just behind bunkies 1 and 2.  The beds come with a pillow, blanket and sleeping bag however if you provide your own sleeping bags you save $5. 

Guests have full use of all of our regular communal guest facilities (outdoor kitchen with dishes, pots and pans; 2 BBQs; firepit and trails).

If you are looking for very inexpensive accommodation close to 5 National Parks, this is a great option.  Please check out our Bunkie Photos page to make sure that this is what you are after. 


Maximum 2 guests.


Credit card (visa or mastercard) = $50

Cash = $45

Subtract $5 from the above prices if you bring your own sleeping bags. 

Compare this to $55+ (peak summer rates) for a dorm bed (no private washroom) in the HI hostel in Banff - per person!  With your own sleeping bags you are only paying $20 per person in our bunkies!