Our Bunkies offer backpacker style accommodation in the Rocky Mountains. 

Cheap (but we prefer the terms affordable or budget) accommodation for young travelers that want to explore the Rockies without breaking the bank!

We would call this "Glamping" ('glamorous camping') - ie camping without a tent but rather you have a roof over your head. 

If you are looking for very inexpensive accommodation close to 5 National Parks, this is a great option. 

The bunkies are very rustic little cabins (bunkhouses) with 1 set of bunk beds.  They are 8 feet x 12 feet (2.4m x 3.7m).  They have a solar light and a candle lantern but no electricity.  They have a 7 gallon water tank and wash basin but no running water.  There is an outhouse located just behind bunkies 1 and 2.  The beds come with a pillow, blanket and sleeping bag however if you provide your own sleeping bags you save $5. 

Guests have full use of all of our regular communal guest facilities (outdoor kitchen with dishes, pots and pans; 2 BBQs; firepit and trails).

Please check out our Bunkie Photos page to make sure that this is what you are after. 


Maximum 2 guests.


Credit card (visa or mastercard) = $50

Cash = $45

Subtract $5 from the above prices if you bring your own sleeping bags. 

Compare this to $55+ (peak summer rates) for a dorm bed (no private washroom) in the HI hostel in Banff - per person!  With your own sleeping bags you are only paying $20 per person in our bunkies!