The Cabins

We have 15 cozy, comfortable, rustic and affordable cabins in the Rocky Mountains.  Each cabin offers 2 queen beds and a 3 piece washroom.


We offer an isolated little "wilderness resort" where guest can escape the hustle & bustle of Banff and Lake Louise for a quiet night of relaxing in nature.  Leave your tech-toys behind and re-discover life without the frantic pace of modern living. 


We don't have satellite TV, however each cabin has a TV & DVD player and we have a great assortment of movies that you can borrow for free.

The cabins are "rustic" by intention.  We want guests to escape the hotel feeling while with us.  Each guest has a different coloured towel so you know who's is who's; none of our sheets are "hotel white" and the setting, like the cabins, is rustic. 

For the same reason, we don't have Wi Fi.  We want guests to go way way back to a bygone era (the 90's) and remember what it was like to live without the constant interruption of phones, emails, text messages etc.  Just enjoy being in nature.

NOTE - the front cabins (1 - 7) have mountain views while the rest of the cabins have forest views.  All guests are welcome to stroll down to our Lookout Viewpoint or Sunset Point to enjoy amazing views across the Columbia River Valley to the Selkirk Mountains. 

Interior of one of the cabins

Interior of one of the cabins

Guest access

Our outdoor, covered kitchen is open for everyone to use. It has 2 BBQs each with a side burner, plus coffee and tea makers, & all dishes and utensils.  We have a large fire pit with FREE fire wood and FREE marshmallows to roast over your campfire.

Feel free to sit down at a cozy fire with free fire wood and free marshmallows.

Feel free to sit down at a cozy fire with free fire wood and free marshmallows.


Mountain View Cabins are always open for larger groups. We can accommodate up to 60 guests at a time in our cabins.